We are a church social ministry offering support to individuals recovering from alcohol dependency.


This is a joint project between Iglesia Internacional Reformista, Inc. (NJ) and the Education Freedom Network of America, LLC., duly registered institutions in the State of New Jersey, USA. The program is FREE during the COVID-19 pandemic, if done in your own home. You only pay $45.00 registration in Phase I and $45.00 registration in Phase II, and if you are interested, you pay for the Certificates of Recovery listed below.

Lights of Hope also offers participants, (if there is space, as it is quite limited), the DON PEDRO MISSION for a temporary time at a reasonable cost while obtaining a permanent living place.

If you suffer from alcohol dependence, we offer you the opportunity to recover from your dependence by following instructions from our Life Coach. Lights of Hope works as follows:



*You stay in your home in isolation for 14 days, do not physically attend any social activities outside your home.

*You should not drink any beverages containing alcohol and you should completely abstain from the use of illicit drugs, except medications prescribed by your doctor.

*During the 14 days of isolation, you must maintain 14 direct contact (one daily) with your designated Life Coach by email. He/she will offer professional support to deal with your problems. He/she will also direct you to reliable sources of information available on the Internet, for your greater understanding of dependency.

You can begin your contacts with your Life Coach immediately after you are registered. Any information the coach sends you to assist in your recovery is additional to your contacts, at no extra charge.

*At the end of the 14 days, satisfactorily completed, Lights of Hope program will grant you, if you are interested and request it, a Certificate of Recovery I corresponding to the completed phase. *The text of the Certificate will be written in English or Spanish.

After the 14 days of Phase I, you may register in Phase II if you wish.


Phase II is carried out individually through email. It last 14 additional days, but no isolation is required. After you complete this Phase, if requested and paid for, a Certificate of Recovery II will be awarded. Text in the Certificate may be in English or Spanish. 


Participants with Certificate of Recovery Phase II of Project 101 may be admitted to this Project, as well as those referred to Lights of Hope who presents proof of being free of alcohol and / or drugs, that is, being detoxified. Project 102 is performed by individual or group teleconferencing.

Individual teleconferencing is $20.00 up to 30 minutes. Sessions over 30 minutes up to a maximum of 60 minutes is $40.00. Group teleconferencing is $7.00 per participant for 60 minutes if 5-8 participants are registered. 


Group Teleconference Only. The applicant pays $45.00 for Registrations. Each registration is limited to 6 sessions (6 weeks, 1 weekly session). After completing 8 sessions the participant can renew his Registration, if desired.

REQUIREMENTS: be over 18 years old, be free of alcohol and / or drugs for at least 28 days and maintain mutual respect with the other participating colleagues. The program reserves the right to remove participants who do not adhere to the stipulated requirements. Voluntary donations to the program are accepted to help cover expenses.

A group usually consists of 5-8 participants. There must be at least 5 participants present for a group session. No certificates are awarded in Projects 102 and 103, but we certify by letter to third parties and agencies, with the prior consent of the participant, their attendance status, and if necessary, any comments on their recovery. It is a voluntary support group, therefore, the participant is free to withdraw from it, either individually or in groups, whenever he wishes.

A designated Life Coach oversees the group, specifically, logging in and starting, facilitating participation, and logging out.


All consultations must be requested by email not less than 36 hours in advance. The assigned Life Coach will send you the appointment as soon as possible considering his/her available schedule. There are no email fees when requesting appointments, but teleconferences should be paid in advance by PayPal invoice.


Registration, contacts with Life Coach and requested certificates, must be paid by PayPal invoices. No other appointments will be given for contacts with the Life Coach until you have paid for your previous ones. Nor will the Certificate of Recovery I Certificate of Recovery II will be awarded until you have fulfilled all your financial obligations.

Certificate of Recovery I is $40.00. It is granted at the end of 14 completed days and the corresponding payment. Certificate of Recovery II is $40.00. It is granted at the end of 14 additional days and corresponding payment. Shipping is included.

Iglesia Internacional Reformista, Inc., and Education Freedom Network of America, LLC., jointly, will grant the corresponding Certificates of Recovery.