Doctor of Divinity- D.D. | Other Doctorates (Hon)
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 Universidad Libre de Puerto Rico y El Caribe, Inc.

DESCRIPTION: Honorary degrees differ from Academic degrees in that the later requires students to pursue and complete certain academic program of studies. Academic degrees usually must be accredited by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. Whereas honorary degrees are distinctions or recognitions not based on studies, but on outstanding contributions to the general well-being of society. Most honorary degrees are awarded by academic institutions, but by virtue of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, duly established ecclesiastical bodies may also award honorary degrees to qualified individuals. It is important, however, that any person who has received an honorary degree honor it as such before the public, particularly employers, who must not believe that such is an academic degree for purposes of employment, promotions or otherwise financial gains. Therefore, honorary degrees shall be followed by letters in parenthesis (Hon) whenever used in connection with the recipient’s name. This measure does not apply to the Doctor of Divinity because the ecclesiastical community already consider it as honorary.

The Doctor of Divinity is reserved for Ordained Ministers of any legitimate religious persuasion, Priests and Rabbis, only. They also qualify to apply for other honorary degrees (Hon). Non ordained candidates may apply to the Doctor of Religion (Hon).


You must first express your interest using the Contact Form by writing your full name and requesting an invoice for $45.00 USD (non-refunded) as a registration fee. You will receive the invoice through PayPal service payable to IGLESIA INTERNACIONAL REFORMISTA. We cannot take any action on your request until we receive your registration fee.

After you are registered, you may send your curriculum vitae for evaluation and determination. Please include: (a) your full name and address (b) education & trainings (c) job experience (d) volunteer work performed (e) list of any certificates received (f) titles and dates of any published work (g) recognitions and/or honors received (h) others.


Ordained Ministers qualified according to the above description are exempt to submit curriculum vitae (known also as Resume), but instead they must submit a summary of ministerial work and a copy of the Certificate of Ordination.

Applicants must be over 38 years of age. 

Supporting documents of your curriculum vitae (if applicable) should be send by postal mail to our Post Office address listed below. However, if you have internet service, you should be able to send any required document via online.

We will send you an E-Mail acknowledging receipt of your documents, provide any necessary comments, ask for clarification or request additional information.

FINAL DECISION.  Approved candidates are asked to contribute a donation of $500.00 USD including registration. The final document will be mailed by Priority Mail upon receipt of your donation.

The Doctor of Divinity and all other doctorates will be issued by Universidad Libre de Puerto Rico y El Caribe, Inc. (San Juan, Puerto Rico). 

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