• All our Facilitators are free to believe or not to believe in anything or nothing except peace and justice.
  • You are not required to be religious. Our Church does not promote any beliefs or dogmas. Everyone is free to practice their beliefs and religion privately, so that you can be a Facilitator of Peace and Social Justice without renouncing your church or religion, whatever it may be, if your practices do not interfere with our values of peace and justice.
  • You are not required to attend any of our meetings or activities, if you do not want, nor do we expect you to contribute any money or financial value to the Church. However, we accept voluntary donations to support our humanitarian projects and operational expenses.
  • Applicants should be over the age of 18 of either gender. You can withdraw at any time. You may be appointed Facilitator within 48 hours.

Universal Church in America is a subsidiary of Iglesia Internacional Reformista, both of which are registered as non-profit corporations in the State of New Jersey. UCA was created as a global outreach to foster peace and justice in the world. We believe that such peace and justice begin by interacting with our fellow neighbors, such as neighbors in our communities and co-workers. Religious, political, social ideologies, cultural differences, etc., should never prevent healthy coexistence. To contribute to promoting this coexistence, UCA designates anyone interested in this effort as a Facilitator of Peace and Social Justice.

Tasks and Benefits

Universal Church in America does not assign any particular tasks to its Facilitator of Peace and Social Justice. Being a Facilitator means that you individually promote, to the extent possible, the values of peace and social justice with your neighbor, and you support with your voluntary effort, to the extent possible, the efforts of others, to make our world a better world. For this, you do not need our authorization.

However, if whatever your intent to do would be under our corporate coverage, using our name, even if your project remains independent of us, you should consult with us, and obtain our authorization to ensure legality and effective administration. In other words, our Facilitators of Peace and Social Justice will receive all the technical help at our disposal so that their projects are successful.

Note that Universal Church in America does NOT exist to propagate religious ideas and dogmas, rather to facilitate hope in a crumbling world that risks annihilation through wars, famines, natural disasters, climate change, etc.

Because our Church collaborates with sister entities, our Facilitators of Peace and Social Justice enjoy privileged treatment in their programs and services.

Register. Begin to be a Facilitator of Peace and Social Justice so that there may be a better world.


Registration expires one year, but you can retire at any time, whenever you want. You may also renew your designation upon expiration. Universal Church in America reserves the right to revoke the designation of Facilitator if its Governing Board determines it for confidential reasons, only discussed with the facilitator.



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